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Costa Rica Compilation

Head-Line Mountain Holidays Promotional Video

Above it All Whistler - Marketed by Sutton Realty

Green Lake Estate Property - Marketed by WREC

A beautiful private island property on Cowichan Lake, BC

Whistler Realtor - Tracy Collingridge - Sutton Realty

Whistler Olympic Park Promotional Video

Casa Redonda, Luxury Vacation Rental in Nosara, Costa Rica

A Collection of Promotional and “Story” Videos.

A Selection of Architectural & Real Estate Photography





Aerial Photo Gallery

Reactive Design now offers Aerial Cinematography services. With our aerial equipment, we are able to capture the most epic footage.  Using our RC Helicopter, our piloting skills and our team’s creativity, we have the ultimate freedom to capture video and photos from a bird’s eye view.  Either over the ocean, in a forest, in the mountains, we can fly just about anywhere. Perfect for real estate, developments, land planning & surveying, mining, private islands, tourism, and so much more.


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