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Aloha Whistler Accommodations

Content Revitalization for Aloha Whistler


Aloha Whistler Accommodations

Engaging and informative property walkthrough videos were needed both for socials & website for Aloha Whistler's digital brand update.


As a leading luxury property management company, Aloha Whistler needed fresh video content to complement their new website and social media initiatives. They required videos that would address FAQs from global clients, detailing aspects like location, amenities, and capacity of each property.


Partnership with Reactive Design: Aloha Whistler selected Reactive Design to produce captivating videos for each of their properties.

Engaging Walkthroughs and Aerial Footage: The videos featured detailed walkthroughs of the properties, complemented by drone footage that highlighted their stunning design and picturesque surroundings.

Informative Content: Each video was designed to answer common questions, providing prospective clients with a comprehensive view of what staying in Whistler would be like.


The collaboration between Aloha Whistler and Reactive Design in creating thorough and visually appealing property videos played a critical role in enhancing the company’s digital footprint. This initiative not only saved time for the Aloha team but also drove tangible results in terms of bookings and customer engagement.

  • The video content significantly enhanced Aloha Whistler's online presence and marketing efforts.

  • The Aloha sales and customer service team experienced a notable reduction in inquiry response time.

  • The engaging videos contributed to lower vacancy rates and an increase in property bookings, underscoring the effectiveness of the content overhaul.


Working with Reactive Design has been a pleasure from start to finish. We were so pleased with the first set of videos that we received that we quickly decided to expand the scope of our project and to work with them for all of our properties and to for them to create content for social media and marketing campaigns.


Louise Stokes, Head of Business

Photography Gallery

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