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Another Ontario-born adventurer who calls the Coast Mountains home. Storytelling is at my core and the foundation of my professional life, whether that is for wildlife guiding, copywriting, or creating videos. Being tasked to empathize and connect with others comes naturally and excites me.


That's why I find collaborating with our passionate clients and helping them tell their unique stories through visual mediums so fulfilling. Playing a hand in the execution of their vision and pairing it with cinematic visuals, the right music, and convincing writing with the goal of emoting a visceral reaction is what inspires my process.


This is the part of the site where I share a bit about myself in hopes that you and I connect, right?  Well, here goes... I love working with people, things, and scenes of any kind - making sure that we capture everything in the best or most accurate state possible.  


I love finding the calmness and beauty of any scene, peaceful or chaotic before hitting the shutter/record button. I get excited about the entire process...the creative consult, the pre-production, the production, the post-production, and's fun to approach each new project like an adventure...  Hmm, what else...oh, I have hard-to-manage eyebrows... Hope that worked! Thanks for reading! 


Discover how Reactive Design Inc. can elevate your visual content and marketing efforts. Contact us today for professional photography, video production, and drone services in Whistler, BC.

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