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Whistler Chamber of Commerce

Videography for the Whistler Excellence Awards


Whistler Chamber of Commerce

To create engaging and stylish videos for the annual Whistler Excellence Awards, capturing the essence of nominees' stories in a manner that aligns with the Chamber's brand.


The task involved capturing the unique stories of each nominee through interviews, ensuring the content was not only visually appealing but also consistent with the Chamber's branding. The videos had to be versatile enough for online promotion and impactful during the event's big-screen broadcast.


Interviews and Storytelling: Reactive Design set up interview sessions with each nominee to capture their personal stories, insights, and achievements.

Collaborative Design: Working closely with the Chamber team, Reactive Design tailored each video to be stylish and on-brand, ensuring a cohesive look and feel that resonated with the audience.

Event and Online Broadcasts: The final videos were strategically designed for dual purposes - online promotion leading up to the event and as a central visual element during the awards show.


The collaboration between Reactive Design and the Whistler Chamber of Commerce for the Whistler Excellence Awards showcases the power of storytelling through videography, significantly contributing to the success and impact of the event.

  • The videos received widespread acclaim, enhancing the prestige and engagement of the Whistler Excellence Awards.

  • The success of the project was reflected in the client's testimonial, praising Reactive Design’s creativity, attention to detail, and understanding of the community.

  • The project reinforced Reactive Design's reputation for excellence, leading to ongoing collaborations with the Chamber.


We were thrilled to work with Reactive Design Inc. on the 2023 Whistler Excellence Awards videos for yet another year. Their creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to capturing the essence of our community truly elevated the production, making it a memorable and visually stunning event. We love working with the team; their understanding of each brief and their flexibility makes the collaboration piece easy and enjoyable. We would definitely recommend their videography services for your next project!


Jacquie Mclean, Marketing & Events Manager

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